Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Dear reader..

    this is, obviously,  my first blog post...and I'm preety excided about it.
To be honest, I tought a lot about where to start, and what about, and decided that the first post should be about the blog itself. My blog..

So..khm,khm..this is me..

No?!..WHAAAT?! That's Adriana Lima's body?!? Ok then..NOW FOR REAL...   

As You can see... I'm a very serious no fooling around...


When thinking how to name the blog I figured that names are just something that stick for PRESSURE AT ALL!!

My nickname is Acycaa..(the background of it is not so interesting..or is it?!) ..and my name I decided to play around my name and the interests I have.. I came up with something like this...ANASTY ARTASHION (or shorter..ANASTY ART) ... basically.. it comes from ANA, STYle , ART, fASHION...and there it is...that's that complicated equation behind the brain hurts from all the thinking.


...those are my initials..and behind them hides a world of handmade art...that goes like this..

"Hey, me..I have this thing next week, and I need a something.."  or... "I have this great idea for the shirt, but to have it's too expensive..can you help me?"  and also something like this.. "I saw that freaking b**** has your I want two better ones immediately!!"

..then they tell me, or better, show me the picture they want on the shirt/jacket/skirt..basicaly anything revolving clothes..and I paint that hand...all by myself...pretty cool..isn't it?

Example!? You want examples..what am I, your teacher?.. Oooh, all are some...

There are more...I'll put them some other I can keep You in suspence.. LOL


 I'm also making paintings..but I'll put only one photo..or this post would be too long..

Hope You like it...if not..well..who cares, right...



That name combines everything else I do...JEWELRY, ACCESSORIES, CLOTHES, DIY's, HAIR AND MAKE UP, STYLE, NAIL ART...what more do You want?! Isn't that enough!? You gluttons (I sooooo googled that word!!)

 Yeah...I painted the wall...don't be sooo jealous.. LOL


In the future I will post more about all the things I just feel free to visit and see :)

This has been it's time to go...and leave You to fantasize about a better life in a room with smileys on the wall, while I will pray that few of You guys actually like what you see here :)  

Hugs and Kisses ...XOXO..It's not Gossip Girl :D


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