Sunday, December 14, 2014


Happy Sunday everyone...

It is the last Sunday before Christmas, and snow is not even in the weekly weather forecast...Today is just what the name says...Sun-Day.
It gets chillier with the nightfall but during the day you can pass with a leather jacket and a warmer shirt.
I remember the 90's trend...the fluffy shirts...that are having their comeback. I used to own them back in the days, but throw them out (or something), so last year I repurchased them in black and white due to the cosiness they provide.
That kind of shirt gives such a romantic and soft feel to any look so you can pair it with sequins for a day wear and not look overdone.
That's just what I did...

P.S. This can easily turn out to be a holiday look if you are not going to some fancy can pair it with some heels and a red lip and you're good to go.

 I'm wearing:
FOREVER 21 fluffy shirt,
H&M beaded skirt and necklaces,
NEW YORKER peplum jacket,
ROBERTO booties,
ONLY sunnies

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Friday, December 5, 2014


Hi there ...
Happy Friday to everyone ;)
How are you dealing with this lousy weather...I know it's making me so sleepy and moody...

For today I've prepared you a look with a show stopper coat...that I've literally been stopped on the road in and complimented about...
I combined it with not so ordinary dress as well...but in between shoots I've had to change my shoes, 'cause the environment was not heel friendly...just like the heels weren't cold friendly.

So, because of the "statement" outfit...I kept my accessories minimalistic, at least for me.
Hope you like it :)
Have a nice weekend!!!

 I'm wearing:
H&M coat (now on sale here)
BETTY BARCLAY fur collar
PASSPORT dress (also loving those here, here and here)
PEKO leather booties
H&M earrings and rings (similar here)
S OLIVER leather handbag

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Thursday, November 20, 2014


Hi guys...
so...the week is almost over...tomorrow is Friday and hopefully many of you don't need to work during the weekends, so you can maybe go out if the weather suits you.
I like sightseeing...somehow it makes me so fulfilled.
There are so many places to visit in Upper Austria, that will take your breath away...but one of my favorites is town called Passau in Germany, which is near the Austrian border. I already have my favorite coffee shop there, and flavor of course, and I always look forward to spending some time there.
On one of those occasions couple of weeks ago we took those pictures.
I was wearing pretty much everything it is almost a one tone look, but...there is a twist underneath the jacket...
Hope you like it.

Oh...and regarding the previous post, the blog from the person that chose the theme is

 I'm wearing:
AMISU peplum jacket,
ZARA leopard blouse and asymmetric skirt,
SFERA belt, 
H&M shoes and earrings,
BASEFIELD hooded scarf,

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