Saturday, April 13, 2013


When I started to write a blog, I didn't really think about how it should look like...I just wanted to make it. Then...while thinking about the title of my first personal style post, I googled some pictures that inspire that title, but are related to the look. Since I love art, I like the idea of involving it to my looks..

                                                          Source of this photo: Google 
                                                                                                            Painting by Julie Lamons

Additional pictures are random picked photos from Google that, on my opinion, treasure some part of my look...So..ENJOY!

Spring can be tricky! It might look sunny...but woooow how can the wind blow.
I played safe by taking a warm cardigan...and bingo! I needed it!

 I was up for some ice cream...OK...I'm always up for ice cream! Oooh.....some of it slipped on my nails! OOPS!

I'm wearing: dress,bracelet and necklace H&M; nude cardigan FOREVER 21; purple cardigan TALLY WEIJL; ring ACCESSORIZE; earrings ACCESSORIES; bag MANGO LIMITED EDITION; booties LOCAL STORE


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