Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Hello dear ones...
it has been a while...I neglected a bit my blog, I admit!...sorry for that...
I would say it won't happen again, but that would probably be a lie! ;)

Today I'm bringing you photos from a lake in Zagreb called Jarun.
Aaahhh...my beloved Zagreb...we will see each other in a few days :)

Anyway...I'm loving this nail polish!!! I have it in black also (there is blue and cherry red as well), but this nude color is absolutely gorgeous!!!
It has some grains in it so that it looks like velour leather when dry...and it complements every skin color.It is so wearable!

The look is a bit boring-nude-coloured...so there are touches of gold to save the whole thing.
This was taken one sunny afternoon...so I hope it will brighten a bit this lousy weather today.

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I'm wearing: H&M shorts, sunnies and necklace, VINTAGE top, TALLY WEIJL vest, FOX HOMME bag, CLAIRE'S sandals and nail polish.

Hope you like it...
Hugs and kisses :)