Friday, January 10, 2014


Hello again!
Let's just get to the point!
I have few mega news I need to share with you...
We are moving!!
By the end of the month I won't live in Graz anymore...and I grew so fond of this city it will be hard to leave... will I ever leave this apartment I adore?!

We will survive..when there is love, everything seems possible and I'm sure we will make a new home even better then this one.

When I say we..I mean on my dearest boyfriend, myself...and our first car!
YEEEAH...that's the other big news!!!
We spoiled ourselves this Christmas like never before!
Our "baby" still doesn't have a name, but we are working on it...ANY IDEAS?! Feel free to suggest...until then it is just another BMW 1 on the road.

On the first picture I'm wearing H&M blouse, MANGO leggings, STRADIVARIOUS cardigan, ALDO boots.
On the second photo you can see me in AMISU lace peplum shirt, H&M necklaces and earrings and TALLY WEIJL bag.

Do you like it?...

I'm not a car freak, but I had to have pictures with these beauties in the salon! ...

Hugs and kisses :)

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