Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Wow...what a day!
Who could have guess that it's February!?
Sun rays are waking up my inner animal from some kind of winter dream, and making me wanna run to the valleys barefoot or at least use the grass as my picnic table...
Instead...I wear high boots and fur, 'cause I know sun is trying to fool me by it's I'll probably be chained to the bed for next two months or so with pneumonia if I follow my instincts this time.
But I decided to pay tribute to that beast by wearing fur, leather and animal print. I bought this blouse/dress couple of months ago...and love that I can style it in so many ways, and wear it in almost every season.
I know mixing leopard print with fur usually looks cheap and slutty...but it is all about details, attitude and cut.
Check out how I paired it with my boots from under the Christmas tree ;)

I'm wearing:  ALDO leather boots, TEZENIS leggings, ALIEXPRESS blouse/dress (here), BERSHKA belt, FOREVER 18 bracelets, H&M earrings, MILLENNIUM bag, old fur jacket.

Hugs and kisses :)