Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Hello lovely ones...
What's up?!
I somehow think my style is close related to the weather...
First thing I do while getting dressed is looking what the sky has prepared for us that day...
That's probably why I talk about weather on my blog this much...
So...today's a shitty one...but we've shooted some nice pics the other day when it was nice..but coldish ;)
I loooooove this sequined embellished wool sweater, but it leaves so much mess on my skin and furniture...like I'm a bunny or something...
But..what the hell...you sometimes have to suffer for fashion, right ;)

MONSOON wool-cashmere sweater
TEZENIS leather-like pants
PITTARELLO leather boots
H&M fringe bag
ANASTY ART stars headpiece
I AM earrings, ring, bracelets and sunglasses

Thank You for visiting my site...feel free to drop by any time :)

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