Monday, March 11, 2013


Not everybody loves Monday..but this particular one I adore!

      I got a yellow peace of paper in my mailbox at Friday..and had to wait until today to use it....the post office was the first thing on my mind this morning..I even forgot to drink coffee..

My packages arrived..what a joy!!


I ordered some make up and nail art tools few weeks ago...and still waiting for one package..
All that came was well packed for the it came untouched and in one piece..

Due to delay of nail striping tapes from Cheeky via Amazon...I can't provide you the pic of it...but everything else is photographed while opening so You can see how well they take care of their products and customers..

So here's a small review:

Sleek Divine ACID PALETTE...

The white one..(first row, 2nd from the left) is not pigmented at all..I have a pale skin, and couldn't see it even with a primer..luckily I have a perfect mat white from Inglot.
The yellow (next to the white) is bright and neon, but had to put a bit more of it (and use a primer) to pop.
Violet (2nd row, 1st color) is also not can barely see it...
But all other colors are soooo great and pigmented and I love them...
My favorite I have to say is orange (neon), then pink (neon), olive and a very good mat black.
I bought it directly from their page  and was worth it!

120 COLOR PALETTE EDITION from BH cosmetics

 I noticed that only mat white is not so pigmented..and one of the browns is not so dark as it leaves you 118 great pigmented, bright, vivid colors...what more can You ask for?!
As You can see, there's so many shades of each color that everyone can find their match...extraordinary palette


Top row: BHWS06, BHWM02, BHCM14, BHCM15
Bottom row: BHMM17 (great dark brown), BHWM15 (very pigmented, fabulous), BHWM16 (hard to see on my skin tone..but great for the NO MAKE UP LOOK), BHWM12 (great color, pigmented), BHMS13 (white with a green-gold sparkle)
All the BH Cosmetic products are from


25 brushes..different sizes..well packed..every brush has a plastic cap over the hair to protect it...not bad..a few more thinner brushes would be nice..
Ordered via Amazon.

I hope this was helpful as a review..
Hugs and kisses

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