Monday, November 18, 2013


Hello dear ones...
Today is a special day in Croatia...anniversary of the fall of Vukovar. Memories of that terrible times in war are coming to the surface...and we all feel proud we have them override.
It's a special I'm bringing a special outfit.
It is probably special only to me...because it is a two-piece that I designed in elementary school...and so many years later still like it. Orange satin skirt and lace top combined with shoes that are soon to be redecorated beyond recognition. :)
Hope you will like it as well :)

I'M WEARING:   ANASTY ART two-piece (top and skirt), I'AM necklace, MILLENIUM earrings, VINTAGE LILAS BLANC ring, VINTAGE purse, VANILLA shoes.

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Hugs and kisses :)


  1. love it.. nice photos. outfit s beautiful..
    war is bad and war...