Thursday, November 21, 2013


Hello darlings...

What do you think about jumpsuits? Weird? Toilette complicated? :D ... or just fabulous?!
I think they are adorable!
But... (there has to be a but...) ... you have to find the model and cut that fits your body type.
I had to deal with the fact that most of them are cut for skinny girls, and since I have curves (to be polite),
finding the one that suits me and in which I feel comfortable was not so easy.
But I don't give up easily!!!
Just as I didn't give up the heels for quite some time...but just couldn't bare hearing my feet whining so I put some balerinas later on.
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Love you all...

 I'm wearing:     TALLY WEIJL jumpsuit, SAN MARINA lace up sandals, ANASTY ART jacket and necklace, H&M earrings and balerinas later, NEW YORKER ring.

Have a nice day everyone!