Monday, December 2, 2013


Hello lovely ones...
Who is your favorite celebrity?
Did you ever had a crush on some actor/actress?
Since I first saw the movie STEP UP, Channing Tatum has become the ultimate guy in my eyes.
So you can only imagine how I almost fainted in the cinema seeing him on the big screen in MAGIC MIKE!
He is so yummy, but also a very talented actor and dancer, so he earned my affection in more fields then one.
I watched most of his movies at least 3 times...and still not sick of him.
I wish him and his family best of  luck...and hope to see him in many more blockbusters...with or without clothes! ;)
And if he ever comes to Croatia, I want to meet him...hell...I want him to stay at my house! (with his family, of course) :D
He is my not-so-secret crush...along with one Turkish actor as well...that my boyfriend doesn't approve...but he lusts for Rihanna, so we are even :D
Oh yeah, I almost forgot...what a distraction...that this is a fashion check out my outfit for the movies as well :).

I'm wearing  DERHY dress from Paris, SFERA sandals, vintage brooch, PARFOIS earrings and GUCCI sunglasses.

Hugs and kisses to all of you and to Channing! :D

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