Thursday, February 20, 2014


Do you fake it or you're keeping it real...and no..I'm not asking it in a sexual way, you perv! :D

  If you were wondering...(assuming you are visiting my blog and actually reading my "deep" thoughts) I wear real fur...YES...I do...guilty as charged!
Maybe many of you won't visit my posts from now on...thinking of me like some animal hater or who knows what... but let me explain.
I adore animals....when I was a child we had an aquarium with lots of fishes, I had a cat for 7 years, and cried like a baby when she was hit by a car...I have had several bunnies (I still have a framed picture of one)...I adopted and nurtured 7 wild rabbits when their home was ruined...and I still cry over my dogs death that happened few months ago!
Also, my mom and I saved one puppy that was hit by a car and left by the road to'm not an animal hater...
...I love to play with pets, watch wild animals run...or whatever...but I also like to eat meat! I also wear leather shoes/ boots/ belts/ jackets/ bags/ name it....HOW IS THAT DIFFERENT FROM WEARING A FUR?? Most fur items are made from farmed animals...just like the ones for eating. So I won't be a hypocrite and state that I wouldn't wear fur, and after that go to a restaurant and order chicken (I don't like steak) while putting my leather jacket on the hanger.
Respect only to the vegans, but I couldn't live like that.
Look at your idols...what celebrity doesn't own a pair of Louboutins nowadays? Or a leather jacket? Or probably fur...even on the hood of their jacket? I can't think of many fitted that description...maybe Natalie Portman...but I doubt she never had leather shoes.
I'm no different then Kate Moss, Kim Kardashian, J.Lo, Jessica Alba, SJP, Miroslava Duma... or who ever you idolize...except for the bank account! :D
 Sorry if my words have offended anyone, it wasn't my intention...
 I try not to judge anyone, so please try doing the same.

So I'll ask again...Do you fake it or you're keeping up with the Kardashians? ;)

I'm wearing: 
blazer and skirt / H&M
 body / old
boots / ZARA
socks / JADRAN
bracelets / CLAIRE'S
earrings / I'AM
necklace / FOREVER 18
scarf / old
hat / E-BAY

Those of you who are still here...have a nice evening... ;)

Hugs and kisses :)


  1. also i am angry with women who wear fur clothes, you are right in most of your typing.
    as you write, most of us wear leather shoes, boots, belts, etc...and eat meat.
    you ask that how s different? also you are right in that.
    i believe that you are animal friend as you type.
    but also i believe that, we must create a new life that friendly with natüre and animals..we must not damage natüre and animals as possible..
    and i think, we should avoid wearing animal products as possible.
    at last, you look great and nice as ususal..

    1. Thank you for your comment...
      And in a way it is true..we definitely have to be aware of what's going on around us...for the sake of the generations yet to come, but be honest...would you throw today your leather items for that cause?