Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Hi there...
Since I have readers from all over the world...I can't say I know all of your customs...but in the country's I live in it is now a Masquerade time...
For those of you who don't know about a way you can say it is similar to the Halloween, but your mask doesn't have to be scary...
If you keep in touch with my posts, you must know by now that is my most favorite time...
So...did you put your masks on yesterday...or you keep them on all trough the year ;) LOL

I was going with some king of a widow look...but now when I see can also be called Daphne Guinness wannabe look... :-D

Nothing special...just put what ever you find on I did...and  no one should notice  that it wasn't planned...hehehe
Hope you "like" it...

 I'm wearing:  ANASTY ART lace dress, ZARA leggings, ROBERTO over the knee boots, CALVIN KLEIN clutch, CLAIRE'S fascinator, I'AM ring, necklace from some small Italian jewelry store in Graz, old bracelets, VINTAGE gloves, VINTAGE faux fur jacket.

Hugs and kisses :)


  1. Masquerade time...hımm interesting..and enjoyable..
    your mask, outfit looks pretty on you..
    have a great time..