Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Hi my dearest!

I woke up today with an idea!
How about a game...are you up for it?
 I can see I have a lot of readers here...but not so many comments...
and it would be nice to hear your thoughts about my looks...so...I just invented a game I would like to play with you...
You left me a comment where you are from and a wish...not like a goldfish wish...but something you would like to see me wear... (ex. red shoes, holo, hat, blazer, black lipstick....what ever you like)...since I have so much stuff...I think I can grand some wishes...and in the meantime learn something about my readers...
Feel free to leave your page address also...so I can advertise ;) you with my looks.

Since mister SAHIN SHIRIN ERDEM (from Turkey, I believe) is frequent in commenting my posts, he has the ability to chose the item for the first wish-game-post.


Here is my today's look...

 I'M WEARING: ANASTY ART chain vest and dress, boots from a local store in Graz and GUCCI sunglasses.

...thank You for visiting...have a nice day.


  1. love your shoes


  2. Thank You...I love them also...the color is to die for! :)

  3. I am sorry of missing that post.. :)
    Thanks for mention of me..
    You look pretty. outfit s beautiful..
    if i understand correct, i have a wish. i wana you wear pink dress and your hair s open i mean not connected.
    kisses... bye now...