Monday, May 5, 2014


Hello darlings!

Monday, was your weekend?

This weekend was a long one...since it was Labor I took advantage of it to go to Passau for some shopping...

Due to all the excitement ;) we forgot to shoot my look... ( was worth I might repeat it ;) )
but I managed to shoot a selfie in the car on our way to Germany...
No...I didn't photoshoped it badly...I didn't use Photoshop at all...the pic is this way because I took it with an app cam called HDR Camera...and it seems the app does some retouching while shooting...a pretty bad one..if I might say...but the colors are so vivid I just had to share it :)...even if my hair is half blured!

 That sequined thing you see on my shoulders is a jacket from Tally Weijl's last year collection...and the turban details can be found here. treats!!!

Aaaah...look how handsome my D. looks  in his Zara suit and Tommy Hilfiger shirt...

Hugs and kisses :)

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