Friday, February 20, 2015


Hello everyone,
I've been sick for be exact, I'm fighting a cold or a flu for ten days now and the match is still on.
I have unluckily tried so much nature tips and tricks, as well as recipes from grandma's around the world (thanks Google) cause I'm doing this one without antibiotics.
I'm in a foreign country with recent discovery of few allergies, so I don't want to take a risk with unknown medicaments.
Feel free to leave me some advice, it might be the one that cures me :)

 This is one of those days when the weather is just perfect for the time of year...sunny, but cold. I is winter after all. On a day like this it would be a sin not to show your layering talents that can mostly be seen in autumn otherwise, so I took the opportunity. I have to say I felt great in this outfit. So cozy and stylish at the same time...
Hope you like it too.

 I'm wearing:
old fur jacket,
AMISU green jacket,
H&M khaki dress, sunglasses and rings,
JADRAN tights,
ALDO boots,
VINTAGE earrings

Have a great weekend!!!


  1. I hope you did get well until now..
    get well soon..
    best thing s take a rest..
    You look amazing.. outfit looks great... love it..