Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Hello darlings...
Today's post is a bit monochromatic. But that doesn't mean it is boring...oh noooo...that leggings I'm wearing could never be called boring!
This particular piece is pretty eye-catching. I remember one time when I was stopped in the middle of the road by one older woman for questioning about them... ;)
Pretty cool, right!
But even then she missed them by a year...and now...if you want can only try case you like them, of course.

During winter (and fall) it's all about layering...and even though it is sunny outside, temperatures can be low...but I wasn't cold! That's the whole point of it.

So here we go...


H&M leggings, loose shirt and earrings
ZARA leather over the knee boots
 GERRY WEBER long cardigan
MANGO leather jacket
AMISU faux fur vest

Thank you so much for visiting, have a nice day!

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